Once you have confirmed on the decision to purchase a TV antenna then it leads to various questions such as how much should be the cost of the antenna, is there any difference between each of those antennas, should be directional or multi and so on. These are just a few of the thoughts that come in the mind of the buyers who plan to go in for a TV antenna. But note that not all of the local antenna tv listings are the same in terms of price as well as quality. They all differ certainly in price. Certain cheap products may not work well for all or they may tend to miss out on certain channels whereas a high-end model can even provide good HD channels and so on.

There are various websites that offer you with the best of price when it comes to TV antenna. You may come across more than 2000 products online of various TV antennas with varied price ranges. When you go in for low end TV antennas then the cost would be pretty much low. It can go up to $5 to $10 especially for those rabbit eared ones which we had seen in the olden days. But surely you cannot call it the best antenna and also it would be unreliable.

SkyLink TV Antenna


ClearStream Eclipse Amplified


ClearStream Micron XG


A high end model can cost upto $200 to $250 and they come with lots of features. The reason why a high-end TV antenna model charges too much is due to its various features, provides 50 to 60 miles’ coverage, it has wireless connectivity along with DVR functions. These amazing features may not be present in all of the TV antennas. It is only in select models hence the difference in price. But there can be chances that even the best of the model may not provide you with that high-quality signal. Hence here lies the difference between a wireless connectivity and a corded model.


When it comes to the quality of the TV antenna then it can provide you only with the best of the quality signal that has been transmitted from the broadcast tower. If the TV antenna is offering 1080p HD, then it means that the picture and sound quality is amazing. What basically it does is, it would be allowing you to receive high definition quality video as well as sound. The quality of the TV antenna basically has to do with the signal strength and how reliable is that signal. For example, a long range model of TV antenna that covers up to 50-mile range is able to hold on to the signal strength would turn out to be a better option then all of those fancy costly models that are just for name but provide low signal strength.

Hence when you plan to purchase a TV antenna, it would be better to carry out a thorough research. This would help in identifying the advantages and drawbacks of few of them. Ensure to go through the reviews as well since it provides an insight about the product usage and what other people have experienced so that you do not make that same mistake.

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