Ways to Boost Your TV Antenna Signal

The new technology of TV antennas is a boon for all of those who are planning of cutting the cord. All you would need to do is, simply plug in the antenna cord into the television input and start receiving OTA channels for free. These would be those channels which the broadcasters send through the airwaves from their respective transmission towers near to you. It would be quite surprising to know that most of the major channels such as Fox, ABC, and NBC can be actually viewed for free.


But there are times when you are sitting to watch your favourite show and the antenna signal starts to give trouble or becomes weak. A TV antenna comes along with its set of pros and cons that you should be aware of. But note that the signal being weak or antenna troubles most of the times are minor and they can be sorted out by just using certain simple tricks. Having the best HDTV antenna can also give you trouble so there is no sparing from such weak signals at times. You would need to note one thing that, the reception signal may turn out to be weak due to your present location and all that you would need to worry is if there is any kind of obstruction and the location of the broadcasting station.

Below are few simple things that you can go in for to boost the reception signals:

Placement of TV antenna:


The exact placement of the TV antenna makes a lot of difference in the way you would receive the reception signals. The broadcast signals mostly are airwaves or flying through the air that hit the televisions present across the globe. But if there are obstruction in between or if it is not placed in the location where the tower is then it can cause certain hiccups. You would start losing out on the signal strength. There can also be electronic disruptions leading to weak signal. Hence the height and direction of the antenna matters a lot. Choose the highest possible location to place your antenna so as to receive maximum signal. In case of indoor antenna try to place it higher near the window. The next thing is to direct the antenna exactly where the broadcasting tower is located.

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A digital antenna booster can also be installed for extending the range of your TV antenna so you get more signals. You can plug these boosters or amplifiers directly into the TV. They help to achieve higher reception signals. Most of them can also be plugged into the USB port of the TV.

Adding coaxial cable:


Most of the antennas come along with a coaxial cable for connecting it to the TV. When you have a longer coaxial cable then it would allow you to place the antenna a bit higher up on the wall so as to receive maximum signal.

Avoid any obstruction or electronic items:


The more obstructions, the weaker the signal. Hence it would be better to try placing the antenna in such a location wherein the obstruction is minimum or nil so that you receive good signal strength. Also electronic items can hinder the strength of the signal. Hence if you start receiving weak signals, switch off all electronic items and then gradually start one by one to find the culprit. Once you get to know the culprit then you may shift its location if possible so that it does not cause hindrance to the signal strength.

The TV antennas need certain adjustments and testing before you achieve a good signal strength. It is anytime worth to receive more number of channels for free of cost.

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