Best HDTV Antennas of 2018 – TV Antenna Reviews and Reception

By | November 26, 2018

After a gruelling research and testing, we have compiled the list of best HDTV antennas for the year 2018. You can go through the details mentioned below so that it would make your antenna purchase decision a lot easier.

  • Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse Amplified Indoor HDTV antenna: It is one of the best indoor HDTV antenna by far. Once properly installed, you can receive up to 30 channels and even 35 when placed closer to the broadcasting station. The coaxial cable that comes along with this antenna is quite long enough so that it allows freedom to place the antenna at the best possible spot to get strong and clear reception. This model has a circular design hence it can be properly wall-mounted. It is a best-buy for office or home since it has an appealing look to it that won’t make it look out of place. It has a coverage of 50miles. An ideal indoor TV antenna for those who reside further away from the broadcasting tower. You can watch all of your favourite sports and other channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC and PBS. It also come along with a lifetime warranty. One of the downside is that due to its circular look, it can only be wall mounted and one cannot place it anywhere else.

ClearStream Eclipse Amplified


ClearStream Micron XG

  • RCA Yagi Compact Outdoor HDTV antenna: A highly compact outdoor HDTV antenna is very much durable. It is compact along with a sturdy design. This antenna can cover up to 40 miles. You can receive both UHF and VHF frequencies in 1080p. It comes as a one-piece antenna hence there is no pain for getting the assembling part done. It is also easier to install the antenna. This antenna has strong reception abilities that allows you to mount it on the attic or on the roof. It would definitely not lose out on the strong signal reception. It is considered as a best pick for the rural regions.
  • Winegard high definition HD7694P Antenna: This particular antenna has a reception of covering 45 miles. It is capable of picking both UHF and H-VHF channels thus providing crystal clear image to its viewers. It has better gain capabilities due to being the only antenna in the list of precision mounted electronics. It can be considered as one of the best outdoor antenna available in the market.
  • 1byone amplified: This indoor antenna is inexpensive and also very much appealing. You get this model in either black or white. It is considered to be far the smallest model tested. It has a 20feet long coaxial cable. Hence it provides you with the flexibility on mounting it on the wall. It can pick upto 16 channels even when surrounded with multiple obstructions around and 21 channels when there are less number of obstructions. You get amazing quality major broadcast channels such as NBC, ABC, CBS and so on. The downside when compared with other models is that it does not pick up high number of channels, and the warranty for the device is only for a year.