Best TV Antenna of 2018

By | November 26, 2018

You can enjoy your favourite movies and shows even by cutting the cord. Let us go through some of the best TV antenna pick of 2018.

  • Antennas Direct Clearstream Eclipse: This has been rated as the best indoor TV antenna by far. It is quite affordable and provides with everything. It is circular design and quite simple to mount on your wall. You get a 12 feet long coaxial cable along with this antenna thus making it easier to mount it on your favourite place that receives maximum signal strength. Clearstream Eclipse is a multi-directional antenna hence it is a good deal in terms of placement as well as flexibility. It can cover a range of 35 miles. It can pick up UHF frequencies hence you would need to ensure that the channels you are looking out are also available in UHF and not just VHF.

SkyLink TV Antenna


ClearStream Eclipse Amplified


ClearStream Micron XG

  • Channel Master CM-4221 UHF: This is considered to be one of the best outdoor multi-directional antenna. For those of you who stay far from the broadcasting stations and also have your favourite TV programs that are scattered in multiple stations then this would be the likely choice. Channel master being a multi-directional antenna can easily pick up all those favourite shows clearly as possible. It can pick up UHF frequencies up to a coverage of 60miles. You can set it up for covering 180 degrees thus providing you with good chance to even pick up signals from those broadcasting towers that air your favourite channel.
  • Clearstream 2V: For those of you who have yet not decided as to which TV antenna would suit their needs then this choice from Antennas Direct is considered to be one of the best pick. This antenna can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. It has a coverage of 60miles along with being a multi-directional antenna. It also supports both UHF and VHF broadcast frequencies. Most of the users who reside in the suburbs, as well as those in rural, should find this antenna to be effective enough. There are few users who have reported much better performance of this antenna when they have added a single amplifier to it.
  • Mohu Leaf 30 Indoor TV antenna: The brand Mohu has really made a name for itself in the space of TV antennas. It has a wide range of tested products that have really worked well in the market. Mohu Leaf is paper thin antenna which is quite simple in design. It boosts of picking up the local channels in complete high definition without any issue. It is also quite affordable in comparison to its unique design. It offers a coverage range of 30miles along with being a multi-directional antenna. The setup of this antenna is quite simple and the look of the antenna can easily blend well with the décor of your home or office. It comes along with a 10feet long coaxial cable which can also be detached if you do not need it or if you have to shorten it. Take care of the frequencies picked up this antenna. However, it supports both UHF and VHF broadcast frequencies. The range of VHF however is shorter than the range for UHF.