What Is the Best Over-the-Air TV Antenna for Cord Cutters?

After the decision of cord cutting, one of the first step is to find the right type of antenna that would suit in your area and also provide you the maximum number of channels. Today’s OTA TV’s are no longer similar to those rabbit ears one from the past. The TV antennas have undergone drastic changes. There are also a number of options available in the market. One such best OTA TV that would be suitable for cord cutters is the Clearstream 2Max which is made available for indoors as well as outdoors. The product Clearstream is a perfect blend of right aesthetics as well as perfect range. It is not something to huge for handling. Also it can very well take care of environment conditions. Clearstream has a fully functional over-the-air antenna at a reasonable price. It comes along with mounting hardware, amplifier, mast and many more. It is very much powerful and can pick up strong signals with ease. There is also no need for any additional software to get this antenna working well. The coverage range is up to 60miles.The Over-the-air broadcasts signals mostly have less compressed signals which would mean that you would get to watch crystal clear picture. The setup for this antenna is quite simple, all you would need to do is follow the instructions mentioned in the manual. It comes along with all the hardware that is required for mounting it.

SkyLink TV Antenna


ClearStream Eclipse Amplified


Another OTA TV antenna which is good for indoors is the Highline TV antenna. It comes in a discreet design very much compact and portable for indoors. Highline TV antennas allow you to watch all of your HD broadcast channels for free. Highline TV offers state of the art technology with its antenna so you experience real picture and sound quality. You would receive all the local sports, news, as well as entertainment free on your TV.

Mohu Blade is another option for indoor antenna. It has an appealing look and surely one that you would want to place in the house. It does not take too much of room space and would blend well with the interiors of the house. However, it would be your choice as to where you would want to place it for receiving better signals. In case if the placement is not done right then you may not get channels properly since the coverage range of this antenna is only a standard of 40 miles.

Getting the best over-the-air antenna is surely not an easy task once you have decided to shift from cable to TV antennas. But if you have done a thorough research on the channel availability, signal strength, direction of transmission tower and so on, then the task becomes easier. You could also read the reviews mentioned on the online websites wherein people have purchased those antennas and shared their experiences. Such reviews could help to an extent in your selection process. But do not let this selection process discourage you from going for TV antennas. Though it may seem to be tedious initially but once you are set for the antenna then it would be a smoother experience of watching free TV.